NameGraduation YearCurrent AffiliationThesis abstract
Eun Soon Im 2016 Assistant Professor, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Hunter Douglas 2016 M. Eng
Mohamed Siam 2016 Phd
Ross Alter 2016 ‚ÄéResearch Meteorologist at U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC)
Xin Qiu 2016 SM
Teresa Yamana 2015 PhD
Marc Pace Marcella 2012 AIR Worldwide PhD
Rebecca Gianotti 2012 PhD
Jonathan Winter 2010 Dartmouth College, Dept of Geography PhD
Arne Bomblies 2009 University of Vermont PhD
Milan Milutinovic 2006 Environmental and Hydrologic Engineering & Consulting M.Eng
Anke Hildebrandt 2005 Friedrich Schiller University Jena PhD
Yeonjoo Kim 2003 Korea Environment Institute SM
Pat Jen-Feng Yeh 2002 University of Tokyo PhD
Jeremy Pal 2001 Loyola Marymount University PhD
Kirsten Findell 2001 NOAA GFDL PhD
Michelle Irizarry 2001 South Florida Water Management District SM
Guiling Wang 2000 University of Connecticut PhD
Luis Perez-Prado 2000 SM
Jingfeng Wang 1997 University of California Irvine, MIT PhD
Julie Kiang 1997 U.S. Geological Survey SM
Xinyu Zheng 1997 PhD
Cuiling Gong 1996 Texas Christian University SM
Eddie Humphries 1996 Humphries Consulting & Engineering Inc. SM