A soil moisture rainfall feedback mechanism 2. Numerical experiments

Title A soil moisture rainfall feedback mechanism 2. Numerical experiments
Publication Type Journal Article
Year of Publication 1998
Authors Zheng, X. Y. & Eltahir, E. A. B.
Volume 34
Date Published 1998

https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/epdf/10.1029/97WR03497Here we develop a numerical model to investigate the hypothesis proposed by a companion paper {[}Eltahir, this issue], which describes a soil moisture-rainfall feedback mechanism. The model is designed to describe the seasonal evolution of the West African monsoon rainfall and is used to perform numerical experiments that elucidate the mechanisms of the response of rainfall to soil moisture anomalies. A significant rainfall anomaly is simulated by the model in response to a hypothetical soil moisture anomaly that has been imposed during early summer. However, the magnitude of this anomaly almost vanishes when the net radiation at the surface is not allowed to respond to the soil moisture anomaly. Hence the results of the numerical experiments support the proposed hypothesis and highlight the crucial importance of the radiative and dynamical feedbacks in regulating the rainfall anomalies that result from the soil moisture anomalies.

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