Nile Workshop

The workshop on the Future of the Nile Water was held at MIT on April 26-27, 2018. It brought together academics and professionals from Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia, involved in Nile water politics and management. Discussions were centered on potential new strategies to make progress in the Nile water conflict, while stressing the increasingly important issues of population, technology adoption and climate change. The student presentations on these subjects can be found in the links below.

Here is the link to a statement regarding the Nile water conflict, presented by Professor Eltahir and his research group at the workshop. The statement was edited in response to the feedback received in the workshop, but does not necessarily reflect views of all the participants in the workshop.

An MIT News article has more information about the workshop, as well as this article (in Arabic).

The full list of participants from the region was as follows:

  • Ms. Ayah Aman, Journalist, Cairo
  • Professor Yacob Arsano, Addis Ababa University, Political Scientist
  • Professor Hesham Bekhit, Cairo University, Water Engineer
  • Mr. Tamrat Giorgis, Managing Editor of AddisFortune Newspaper
  • Dr Yosif Ibrahim, Former Water Resource Planner, Eastern Nile Technical Regional Office
  • Mr. Fekahmed Negash, Director Eastern Nile Technical Regional Office
  • Mr. Faisal M Salih, Journalist, Khartoum
  • Professor Rawia Tawfik, Cairo University, Political Scientist

Above: Workshop participants. From left to right: Ayah Aman, Tamrat Giorgis, Yacob Arsano, Nabil El-Moçayd, Faisal Salih, Fekahmed Negash, Yosif Ibrahim, Hesham Bekhit, Rawia Tawkik, Elfatih Eltahir, Alexandre Tuel, Timothy Adams, Anjuli Figueroa, Yasmin Zaerpoor, Alfa Arsano and Catherine Nikiel.

Links to student presentations and reports: